Strengthened proposal

Thank you very much for your help strengthening my proposal.  As a junior faculty member with limited grant-writing experience, and nothing of the scope for an R01 submission, the service was incredibly helpful.  The feedback was thorough and useful, and I'm certainly going to be contacting you for help with future proposals. – Assistant Professor, The University of Iowa

Extreme professionalism

When given the daunting task of a multi-million dollar, multi principal investigator project, you accepted the challenge and not only succeeded but handled it with ease and extreme professionalism.  Having your assistance in the future will never be in question, it will just be an expectation.  Thank you for making the process so much more manageable, you were invaluable! – Center Administrative Officer, Veterans Administration

Improved flow

Your editing really improved the flow of all the documents. I especially appreciate your extra effort to identify the “real” instructions among the confusing documents. With your help, I was able to submit the application with a very short turnaround time.  – Core Director, The University of Iowa

Sound suggestions

Your editing service has been incredibly helpful. What I appreciate the most is that you not only point out logic flaws and expression issues, but you also make very sound suggestions, often helping me clarify things a lot. – Assistant Professor, The University of Iowa

Beautifully constructed and exceptionally well-written

One of the reviewers of a grant that you edited and I submitted back in November said "This is a beautifully constructed and exceptionally well written grant." – Associate Professor, The University of Iowa

Clear and helpful feedback

Fantastic edits and comments!  ... You were able to succinctly say what 4-5 others tried to say about the grant but couldn’t get me to understand.– Associate Professor, The University of Iowa

One-of-a-kind service

You did a fantastic job on my proposal … I haven’t run across anyone like you here.  I would use your services all the time if available. – Faculty Recruit, now at The University of Iowa

Best written and organized submission

I received compliments [on] our manuscript when I sent a publication inquiry to the same editor today, “Your (1st) manuscript has been accepted and was actually noted as one of the best written and organized submissions from an author, so I would absolutely love to have more submissions from your group.”  Thank you very much for your help!  – Assistant Professor, The University of Iowa

Accepted for publication

I just wanted to let you know that the paper you helped me with was just accepted for publication in “Nature Structure and Molecular Biology”. Thank you very much for your invaluable help!  – Assistant Professor, The University of Iowa

Credit for success

I send all of my manuscripts and grants to you prior to submitting them to journals and funding agencies, respectively, and credit your service in part for all of our successes in funding and publishing our work.
  – Associate Professor, The University of Iowa

Valuable service

It is rare to have such a thorough and thoughtful read given to [this kind of] document and I think you provide a valuable service.  – Professor, The University of Iowa

More than simple revising in English

The manuscript gets improved significantly. I deeply appreciate the work you have done, which is not a simple revising in English. 
 – Assistant Professor, Kansas University Medical Center

Turn of phrase

Thanks so much for your help. I really like your turn of phrase—wish it were something I could do on my own. – Associate Professor, The University of Iowa

Amazing job

I think you have done an amazing job, your editing is thoroughly professional, top notch. – Assistant Professor, The University of Iowa

Outstanding instruction in scientific writing

The graduate students supported by our program receive outstanding instruction on scientific writing – including thoughtful and detailed feedback on their individual writing projects – from the editors of your core. You are extremely knowledgeable about formats and requirements for various NIH funding mechanisms, and the tools you have developed greatly facilitate the process for students writing their first grant applications. – 
MSTP Co-Director, The University of Iowa

New template for residents

Thank you for taking the time to craft a template specifically for Urology Residents to use in creating a proposal for their 3rd year research project, and for presenting a talk on “Grantwriting Basics.”  Your guidance will enrich their research training experience.  – 
Director, Urology Research-Year Residents, The University of Iowa

Valuable feedback and guidance

I wanted to send my sincere gratitude for your help with my Q&A article. Not only did you give me valuable editorial feedback, you also put me in touch with just the right person to get the [feature] article published.  – 
Graduate Student, The University of Iowa