Scientific Writing

  • Writing for Success, SERCC Staff (PDF available on request: Contact us)
  • Achieving Clarity in Writing, SERCC Staff (PDF available on request: Contact us)
  • Writing as a Team – Editing Each Other's Work, SERCC Staff (PDF | Recording)
  • How to Write an Effective Personal Statement, SERCC Staff (PDF)

Sources for Example Proposals

  • UI Research Development Office (RDO) Proposal Library (HawkID required)
    • Graduate Student Proposals
      • Includes examples of funded proposals for NIH NRSA, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, and others
      • From the Grant Writing Resources folder, click on Sample Proposals and Supporting Documents and then Graduate Student Proposals
    • Career Development (K) awards
      • The following K awards can be found in the indicated subfolders
        • K01 – NHLBI subfolder, funded | NIA subfolder, funded
        • K08 – NIDCR subfolder, funded
        • K22 – NCI subfolder, funded | NIAID subfolder, funded 
        • K99 – NHLBI subfolder, funded | NIAID subfolder, funded | NIAMS subfolder, not funded
      • From the Grant Writing Resources folder, click on Sample Proposals and Supporting Documents and then NIH Proposals; navigate to the institute to identify one of the examples listed above.
      • Note: K awards differ from fellowships in that they are geared toward individuals who are further along in their training (e.g., postdocs and fellows), but they are similar in that they emphasize training as well as research.
  • UI Graduate Student Professional Development Resources: Sample Fellowship Applications (HawkID required)
  • NIAID website (scroll down the page to get to the training grants).
  • OpenGrants: Grants by Program. 
    • Search for fellowship proposals that were recently awarded to trainees at the University of Iowa. 
    • Once you identify some funded applications, you could reach out and explain that you are looking for examples and ask if they would be willing to share the proposal with you. 

Offices and Centers that Provide Support for Scientific Writing 

  • Written Communication, Video Series, Northwestern University, CLIMB Program (Collaborative Learning and Integrated Mentoring in the Biosciences)

Writing Generally